I have been developing Alphabetarium for over 3 years, and the project has its roots in a mini-game I created back in 2013 - I called it "Alphabet ZOO" back then, and it was planned as a spelling game for children learning English - see screenshot below.

alphabetzoo s01

Around 2015 I saw a need for a similar tool to teach Hebrew - and after a couple of months a prototype of "Alphabetarium" was born. As I am based in Poland, and I needed the tool to work for children in Poland learning to speak and write Hebrew, the application has been developed in Polish & Hebrew, and only in recent months I started to work on converting it to English & Hebrew.

With the application for school teaching in mind, the focus of shifted from the mini-games to the visual dictionary, which was in my opinion most needed for children. 

The application has been developed with a support of native Hebrew speakers & teachers in Lauder-Morasha school.